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Hindu Bride

A vision of ethereal beauty, the Hindu bride is a manifestation of elegance and tradition, her attire resplendent with symbolism, and her demeanor reflecting the sacred union she is about to embark upon.

Punjabi Bride

A Punjabi bride is a vision of timeless grace and vibrant elegance, adorned in rich, colorful attire that reflects the cultural exuberance of Punjab, India.

Muslim Bride

The Muslim bride, a vision of serenity and poise, wears the beauty of cultural richness and spiritual grace, symbolizing the profound commitment to love and harmony in the sacred bond of marriage

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Cocktail Party Look

Achieve a sophisticated cocktail party makeup look with a balance of subtle shimmer and defined features. Opt for a neutral eyeshadow palette and add a touch of sparkle to highlight key areas, creating a timeless and elegant appearance.

Roka Ceramony Look

The Roka ceremony, a beautiful pre-wedding tradition in Indian culture, symbolizes the union of two families. It’s a joyous event where the couple is officially engaged, marked by rituals, blessings, and the exchange of gifts, creating lasting memories for both families.

Engagement Look

An Engagement look is a visual expression of love and commitment, capturing the essence of a couple’s unique bond through carefully selected attire, accessories, and styling.

Mehendi Makeup

The mehendi makeup look transforms the bride’s visage into a canvas of cultural celebration, with intricate henna designs and vibrant colors reflecting the timeless artistry of love and tradition

Haldi Makeup

The haldi makeup look radiates warmth and joy, as the bride is adorned in hues of turmeric gold, celebrating the auspicious ritual with a glow that reflects both inner happiness and the vibrant spirit of love

Sangeet Makeup

“The sangeet makeup look is a harmonious blend of glamour and cultural finesse, adorning the bride with a radiant glow that mirrors the rhythmic joy of celebration on the eve of union.

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Provide information about your skin tone and type to the makeup artist, and consider sharing any specific products or techniques that work well for you.

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Inform the makeup artist about your preferred products or brands, and discuss whether it’s feasible for them to accommodate your requests.

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